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The views expressed here are her own. And if for some. The top interview question Cicktail was asked was: "Why do you want a job at the Trump Taj Mahal? There are perhaps thousands of different alcoholic beverages available, and the various names for cocktails are innumerable. Those words triggered not only giddy excitement as to whom it could be; they also usually translated into bigger tips. He flattered me, saying he remembered meeting me years before, and that I had aged well. She shared her story exclusively with Refinery

Cocktail waitress jobs are available in bars, taverns, clubs, casinos, and restaurants where alcoholic beverages are served. The best cocktail waitress jobs often require some previous experience in a fine restaurant or bar. Waitressing in any other city would likely be considered a dead-end job. But here in Las Vegas, cocktail servers are crucial to the local tourism economy. Many casinos, however, especially on the Strip, overlook experience as a selling point for cocktail waitresses. Casino cocktail waitresses are like modern day geishas. But for the cocktail waitresses that have jammed their feet into ass-popping heels, wearing pumps isn't a matter of choice— it's a casino policy, and it's one that is forcing older cocktail waitresses out of a job.

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